1973 Porsche 911E Targa

911 321 0504

Ken Jones
Pleasant Hill, Ca
667 0702
Build Date:
Guards Red
True Unknown:
The Story:
Found her in a farmers back yard, under a tree, covered with canvas for "3 or 4" years. Car was FULL of black Widow spiders but other than dirty, lightly scratched paint and a bad motor the car is in unmolested condition. (Pioneer radio not with standing). I have a 1977 3.0 Euro spec. motor (hence the engine number) which I put in, did a complete brake job, new tires and a little elbow grease and shes good to go. The information above is from the previous owner... as is the photo. Since then (Jan. 2012), the engine and trans have been rebuilt along with several cosmetic changes. The original color was Silver Metallic. (4/10/12)