1973 Porsche 911E Targa

911 321 0252

Jose F Canaan R
santo domingo Dominican Republic
Build Date:
The Story:
this car i saw it fist here in the 80s then was on a garage for 10 years were i was watching it for a long time and never was moved from there for years owner was jailed for money laundry in NY and nobody nows about the owner so i can't purchase it at that time then owner get out after 10 years from NY prison and a friend told me about a porsche for sale then i went there... and it was the car i want to buy for a long time i finally had purchased in 2001 run it for a wile and then refinish paint and try to update papers but the guy of the papers disappear and papers and title was lost , continue buying porsches and this 911e was forgotten now i am finishing my 72 911s and will sell it and try to keep the 911e but as i had many cars , work on them are slow , now original engine is on rebuild process and body needs new refinish i lost interest on my 20 classic porsches because was busy with ferraris and newer porsches like 996 911 GT2 , 997 GT3 .997 turbo so 997s was selling good and were valuable and classic ones were to cheap that i won't sell them here so classic ones were forgoten for years and now i feel some interest on them and values are good so those classics are been respected and have gain good status at last