1973 Porsche 911E Coupe

911 320 0785

Johnny Riz
Huntington Beach, CA
Build Date:
Ferrari Red
The Story:
This 1973 911E was totally disassembled in Jan 93 and rebuilt using almost all components from a salvage '84 Carrera. this included the 3.2L motor, trans, Suspension, Interior, Instrumentation and Electrical...also of note is the factory RS rear flares. All work was performed by Pristine Motorsports of Huntington Beach, Ca. which continues to maintain the car in it's current "track-ready" status. After a couple years doing the PCA concours scene in So. Cal...yawn... I grew tired of it and realized that these cars were ment to be driven, not fussed over with Q-tips. I was accepted into RGruppe back in Mar '01 (the early days..the original crew...) and began to back date the car with plans to make it a "Lean hot-rod" along the lines of the original RS....but with the intent of a more brutish car power-wise with a better hp-wgt ratio..envision a 911 halfway between an RS and an RSR and we're on the same page. Now several years later I'm just about done... a much more powerful rebuilt custom 3.2L with lots of "goodies" and custom track-tough 915 w. short 3,4,5 gears, 80% Zf lsd, internal gate shift and full track suspension dialed in by Mirage Intl. of San Diego....and a lot slimmer "waistline" weight wise, the car is an absolute blast to drive.. I have had no problems out on the track keeping up with, and often times beating, all but the best driven 3.6L 964 Porsches. Without giving away every trick up my sleeve, the car has a h.p. to wgt ratio of 8.90lbs/hp..at least that's what I come up with from the numbers on my corner balancing and Dyno session results......compare that to the RS at 10.23. The suspension is a very firm, perhaps a tad harsh for the street but that's not the cars fault..it's due to the sub-par road surface conditions here in So. Cal... but on smooth backroad twisties it's like the car is on rails. The photo's here are all of the car in it's "street ciivility" appearance mode. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to look !!