1973 Porsche 911E Coupe

911 320 0620

Drew Brown
Danbury, CT
623 0914
Build Date:
Yellow #117
134,000 miles
The Story:
Engine# 911/52 (7R case)6230914, yellow #117 paint. It has a full metal RSR conversion done back in 1990. The front fenders are a very thin metal, no welding we can see, body man believes may have been NOS??? Rear flares also thin metal, full quarters, again no fiberglass. Interior has sport seats, original radio and recorder, perfect headliner and carpeting. SC rear bananas and brakes, front and rear sways, 28mm rear torsions, 11X15 and 9X15 fuchs, runs strong, looks great. I would not have done this body work based on todays prices but 15 years ago it was a no brainer. Car gets a ton of looks, and even though the purist frown on mods, this one just looks COOL.