1973 Porsche 911E Coupe

911 320 0467

Eder Franz
Austria- Frankenburg
623 0733
Build Date:
117- Light Yellow
The Story:
4 Pre-owners, car has allways been driven in austria, restauration in 2002 in original colour light yellow, s-option, weight reduced and tuned ( magnesium wheels, engine rebuild ( now 190 horses under the hood- but still original motorblock )...rs ducktail& rs trim( not seen on old photos, but update s comming soon) -> total weight of 965 kilo - 10.5 l/100km topspeed: 240km/h & as vicious as a carrera rs....& sounds even better ;-) looking for 73 gulf-blue/gulf-orange coupe too (t, e or s) 31.3.2009 ducktail& rs front spoiler have been installed and finished , to do :carrera printings & scripts, left/right mirror 2.4.2009 carrera scripts done... car almost finished... ready to race.... 18.4.2009 roundtrip: salzburgring histo-cup and upper-austrian lakes ( on the photo the "vulcano"-red bull head quarter fuschl/see )