1973 Porsche 911E Coupe

911 320 0023

Tony C
Lincolnshire UK
623 0038
Build Date:
silver 936-9-3
The Story:
2016 Bought from Andy Boyle who bought it from Tom. I've continued the "Sports Purpose" approach, shedding weight and optimising the suspension for UK roads and the occasional sprint or hillclimb. Toms original entry _—----------------- I purchased this car in December 2000 in St. Louis and trailered it home to Charlotte in the snow. It had a poor paint job prior to my purchase. But needs to be redone anyway due to the usual (but slight) rust. I plan on keeping it blue even though the original color was silver. Car is very complete if not that well cared for. But it is in a good home now and will back in shape, a fun project! Update 3/05: Man, I can't believe that's even the same car as I'm driving now. Almost the whole car has changed. You've seen the "before", here are some more current images shot summer of '05 after the motor's top end work was finished. Thanks for reviving the Registry.