1972 Porsche 911E Targa

911 221 0384

Bernard Dolle
622 0826
Build Date:
Albert Blue
77112 km
The Story:
This targa was delivered new in Strasbourg, France to a French Lady who owned a small chain of cosmetic shops in the Alsace region. It stayed in her ownership for over 35 years until she passed. The meter was showing 70698 km back then. The interior is so fresh that I doubt anyone has been sitting on the passenger seat or on the back either. Since the car has been put in use again, it received a new paint and a new injection pump. That's all. The Certificate of Authenticity reports a very seldom color combination : Albert Blue for the exterior paint and Red Leatherette + Madras Fabric for the interior. When I purchased the car at the end of 2012, I had never seen that combination before. I am very curious to see others combinations of that kind. No need to say that I take an extensive pleasure to drive this car and continue to preserve it in this very nice original state.