1972 Porsche 911E Coupe

911 220 0705

Andrew Fay
Naperville, IL
622 1115
Build Date:
Viper Green
The Story:
Color 3838 Emerald green Interior 13 Leatherette black,middle of seats Pepita Options 258 Headrest left and right 473 Steelbumper with spoiler front Dealer 114 Frankfurt/ Main Otto Glockler Ownership History Purchased by My Father on May 12th, 2003 From Tionesta, PA. The previous owner stated that he had seen the 911E for sale while traveling to Pittsburgh, PA to pick up a Ferrari 308 with his brother in the mid(to late) 90's. The (suspected) first owner was said to be a doctor, though I have not been able to gather any further details since recent information has the delivering dealer in Frankfurt, Germany. Service History May 30th, 2003 Brakes refreshed, rear calipers rebuilt January 1st 2004 Engine and Transmission removed from Car August 15th, 2004 Rebuilt Engine and Transmission Installed Febuary 20th, 2006 Having Fun With MFI... adding a period front sway bar. March 5th, 2006; Finished installing a rebuilt "T" MFI pump and tuning it to run properly on my "E" while the "E"'s pump it out for rebuilding. March 15th-20, 2006. Took the Porsche on a 1,800 mile road trip to New York to visit some friends. The Porsche performed very well (even through some snow we encoundered on the way back to Illinois). May 1st, 2006. Installed 16X7 Fuchs wheels on Rear; Lowered Front of the 911. September 1st-3rd, 2006. New Yokohama 195/55's for the front. Attended Road America PCA event. Removed tail and mounted some new 205/60 Yokohama's on the rear. '07-Turbo Tie rods;Carrera Spring Plates w/New Bushings;Lowered Rear; Back on 6's; Aligned and driving great. Replaced Fuel Hoses and clamps with OE style. Added an RSR style Weld in strut bar. Added an Re-leathered 380mm RS steering wheel. '09 Jan. I have finally started taking my E apart for some much needed rust repair and paint. '14 Painted body ready to reassemble. Thread on "Early S" for the above. http://www.early911sregistry.org/forums/showthread.php?52204-Rust-E