1972 Porsche 911E Coupe

911 220 0646

Pascal Vanderhaeghe
Antwerp, Belgium
622 0954
Build Date:
Sepia brown
The Story:
I bought the car early 2009, near Charleroi Belgium. Runs great, despite an obviously tired engine (smoke/smell) and a so-so gearbox. Adorable car, well worth the planned engine & transmission rebuilds. If anyone has more info on the history of the car or earlier work done to it, pls. do let me know... 2015: now finally finished. Well as good as, still some details to attend to... ;-) But after a windows out paint job, some -but not that much- rust repair, a gearbox rebuild + LSD, a complete engine rebuild incl. MFI-pump, some new sport seats, ...: a blast to drive. I love it!!!