1972 Porsche 911E Coupe

911 220 0131

Egil Haugen
Drobak, Norway
622 0250
Build Date:
Beige grey (7575 622)
148100 km
The Story:
The car was delivered new at Raffay Porschezentrum in Hamburg at 14.10.1971. The original color is Beige Gray and the car has original Maintenence Record book with Porsche dealership service stamps up to 17.10.1977 after export to Sweden. In 2001 the car was exported to Norway and it is in remarkable good original condition. The optional equipment codes are: 911321 - 911E Coupe 4-speed transmission 258 - head restraints l/r 400 - Right front seat with stronger springs 404 - stabilizer bars front/rear 419 - retractable 3-point seat belts l/r 425 - rear window wiper 426 - chrome trim around wheel cutouts 427 - stainless steel muffler skirt 470 - comfort package 568 - tinted glass all around 650 - electrical sun roof It also has original Blaupunkt radio/cassette & S-package (spoiler/instruments/mouldings etc.) During the coming winter the car will be totally dismanteled and resprayed in Pure Orange (very like Gulf Orange). I was seriously considering to restore back to original color - but Beige Grey ??? Comments/suggestions on this are most welcome... I also have a 996 Turbo in original factory special color Pure Orange (Reinorange) 1 of 2 in the world - and really LOVE this color. Update 17. December 2006: After some serious consideration I have decided to keep the car in it's original outfit; Beige Grey. When I saw the pictures of the '73 Targa owned by Karl&Nikki O'Donoghue I couldn't sleep! A complete strip-down is in progress and because of a very sound and good body, the ongoing work is 911E% pure joy! I have some time off during Christmas and hopefully more parts will be ready for paint in the beginning of January. A pair of Cibie frog-eyes are also within reach, and even if it's not original from factory on this car - I have to have them on the hood!!! More updates to follow... Update 11. November 2008: This year I have finally got something worked out on the E! It's now ready for paint within a couple of weeks from now. The engine is ready for a complete shine-up and things are indeed looking very well! The color will definately be taken back to original Beige Grey and I've got hold of a pair of original Recaro sport seats as well. I also got four 6x15" "deep-six" Fuchs rims from the US at a "reasonable" price, and even if it's not original on a 72-model I have to put them on together with the Cibie's... I will update the pictures when the paint-job is finished. Update 25. November 2008: Today the car was painted, and this year I had my Christmas present one month earlier... What else can you wish for, the result is perfect and the color is of course - Beige Grey! I'm really looking forward to take it home! Engine & gearbox are completely dismanteled and will be totally rebuildt by our chief mechanic Ali Acarsoy. Update 10. December 2008: The car is now safely home and the fun part has started! Many new original parts are already waiting for assembly. All suspension parts, dampers, brakes, tires, mouldings, roof liner etc are replaced with new original. A complete set of full interior carpets from Southbound is now being installed. Update 28. August 2014: Engine & gearbox is ready and looks almost better than new, invested in a set of stainless steel heat exchangers which makes wonderful sound... Update 20. October 2016: After MANY hours the last couple of years, I finally found enogh time to get the car finished in every detail. The engine runs perfect and the finish outside & inside is really stunning. First test-drive with my wife was a dream and we have already joined two pre-74 Meetings in Norway which resulted in peoples choice prize... Update 21. November 2017: Car is now placed on the podium at our new official Porsche Classic Centre.