1971 Porsche 911E Targa

911 121 0489

Michael Moenstermann
621 0448
Build Date:
The Story:
I just bought this car last week (November 2006) and waiting for my birth certificate from Porsche to see if all the numbers will match. The car is an one owner car from new until 2004 when it went back to Germany from Los Angeles. I got a really huge file with the car stating every repair, maintenance or other incident with it (I am still in the process of reading all this). The car was originally gold metallic (8810), but the PO repainted it black already in 1975. I am from Osnabrueck/Germany, home of the Karmann car company (I can see the chimney of the paint shop from my house) and my daily driver is an Audi A4 cabriolet built by Karmann. I am an originality fanatic and was thrilled to find such a nice car. I got my certificate now and the engine is not the original one although it is the proper type and very close in comparison to the VIN. I fixed a lot smaller bugs like dead bulbs, non working window washers etc. and spend the targa top a new cover. I found in the history that they engine was making trouble at about 140.000 miles and the first owner sold the car to his porsche dealer who cared for the car for some years after 33 years of ownership. He replaced the engine and soon afterwards the car went to Germany. Its really a pleasure to drive, but I might sell it soon as I am hunting for a '67 911S which might work out soon.