1971 Porsche 911E Targa

911 121 0080

W.S. Shores
Hermosa Beach, CA
621 0169
Build Date:
Burgundy (orig Gold Metallic)
216,000 miles
The Story:
I am essentially the second owner. The original owner's estate sold the car to an individual, who sold it to me after a few months. I've had the car since August 2002. The original owner painted the car its current burgundy color in 1990. The car was originally Gold Metallic. When it comes time to paint the car again, I will have to decide what to do next... (Ossi blue is a favorite) October 2005 - purchased a set of Deep Six Fuchs and replaced the 16" SC wheels that the original owner installed. So much better! The car looks fantastic and rides better (no rubbing). I think the change in suspension geometry has caused my bushings to groan more. Not sure, but that's a near-future project to get those replaced. March 2006 - Kevin of Automotive Innovations and Restoration in Van Nuys repaired and painted the rear valence panel and decklid. The quality of work is absolutely perfect. It's like an undo button: leave it with Kevin and it's like the fender bender never happened! June 2006 - Got the car tuned up for the Tour de Colorado. Valve adjustment, new ignition wires, oil change. There was once an infrequent squeal coming from the right rear. Every mechanic who looked at it couldn't tell what it was. I thought it could be a wheel bearing, but they said it didn't have the characteristic noises of a wheel bearing failing. Well, infrequent became more frequent became constant. Very annoying, and maybe damaging. I figured it must be a bad differential carrier bearing and scheduled to have the tranny rebuilt by Otto (911E Registry member of 911 120 0087) of Otto's Venice. Otto drove the car and immediately diagnosed it as -- a failing wheel bearing. After whacking the original rusted-in bearings loose and replacing them, the mysterious problem was solved(!) Also installed a strut brace and aligned the car. She's better than ever!! Tour de Colorado trip, July 13-16, 2006 This was a fantastic event! Chris Latshaw did a great job organizing it. The roads of southwestern Colorado are simply amazing; the perfect Porsche roads. Here are some highlights from my trip log: Total miles: 2,111 Tour length: 243 miles Gas used: 106.3 gallons Gas mileage (average, best tank): 19.85, 24.9 Average gas price: $3.60 Highest gas price: $3.999 (Needles CA, Chambers AZ) Lowest gas price: $3.299 (Telluride CO) The Great Suspension Project of March 2007: I accumulated a bunch of parts and had Otto install the following: * New front control arms (so I could have the new rubber bushings) * Bilstein HD front and rear shocks * New front struts * Rebuilt steering rack * Turbo tie rods * New front ball joints and wheel bearings * Rear rubber suspension bushings * 911SC torsion bars * Carrera sway bars What a transformation! It tracks down the highway like it's on rails, and corners much better than before. But the ride is supple. I highly recommend this set-up to anybody who wants a comfortable street car that is capable in the twisty bits. And to finish the spring projects, I refreshed the interior by adding a new carpet kit (with some sound deadening on the floor to cut road noise) and changed my original seat belts to new retractable belts. Some vinyl was replaced in the interior and other panels were re-dyed. She looks good as new! Front Fender Oil Cooler Project: * All new hard and soft lines and thermostat * Fabricated fittings to attach lines to 1971 oil tank * Brass 28-tube oil cooler from my brother's 911SC It looks completely stock and works very well. In the 2007 Tour de Colorado, the oil temperature never exceeded 212deg. The year before, under the same conditions, the oil temperature reached 250deg. Tour de Colorado trip, July 19-22, 2007 The 2nd annual TDC was even better than the first! Chris really outdid himself this time, with a Friday drive this year followed by an even longer and faster Saturday drive. As we sped west on the rural roads toward the Utah border, I felt like I was driving one of the old European country road circuits like Spa or LeMans in the 1920s. Absolutely brilliant! Here are some highlights from my trip log: Total miles: 2,346 Tour length: 290 miles Gas used: 115.7 gallons Gas mileage (average, best tank): 19.8, 23.4 Average gas price: $3.36 Highest gas price: $3.899 (Needles CA) Lowest gas price: $3.139 (Fountain Hills AZ) Transmission and Engine - November 2007 The transmission had bearing noises for the past few years and it was finally time to address it. I thought long and hard about changing the gear ratios while the transmission was open, and even purchased a M and S 3rd and 4th gear sets. But not wanting to shorten the 5th gear caused me to think that the proposed 4th-5th gap would be too big and not feel right. So when I took the car to Otto's to have the work done, I chose to leave the stock ratios in place. Aside from the new transmission parts (sliders, dog teeth, synchos, bearings, bushings, etc) and new clutch kit, they also scubbed decades of grease and grime off the engine and re-sealed it. Shifting the 901 (911) transmission now is a total treat! It feels very precise in a way I didn't know was possible. Snick - snick!!