1971 Porsche 911E Coupe

911 120 0391

Randy Jones
Portland, OR
Build Date:
Iris Blue Metalic
The Story:
This car had been "Hot Rodded" when I bought her 15-16 years ago. So I didn't feel bad about messing up a nice old "E". When I bought her she alread had a stock 83SC motor, tranny and front suspension and everything else it took from the SC to make things work, paint was sad, the interior was worse. The motor was redone as a short stroke dual plugged 3.2, she makes 298HP & 248 ft/lbs torque at the crankshaft, 8,000 RPM red line, the 915 has new close ratio gears (2nd.3rd. and 4th.)with factory LSD 80%, light weight Sach clutch and an Elverud light weight custom aluminum flywheel. Pretty much everyting has been reworked or changed. I used a 1966 one piece knee pad to deleate the ash tray, RS America door panels. Light gray carpet and head liner made to match the light gray seat panel inserts. All leather interior. Guage faces are white with carbon fiber insert panels across the dash panel where the radio and knobs are. I hand built a luggage deposit. This will give you and idea of what my idea was. 73 RS front/rear/deck lid and steel factory RS flares. I am thinking about taking off the front bumper and the duck tail and putting on a "S" front bumper and a fiberglass engine lid. Way too many RS "clones" around for my taste. This old girl was built as "my" hot rod and I really didn't care what rest of the world thought. She is my car built to give "me" a smile. I would like to thank four friends the first two are like brothers David Pratt and Chris Huergas. Gordon Ledbetter who did the tranny work and Dick Elverud for being my motor wizard. Thanks guys !