1971 Porsche 911E Coupe

911 120 0318

Adam S. Green
BC Canada
621 0508
Build Date:
92U Arctic Silver
The Story:
The cars was finished early September 2012. Recent upgrades. I installed innovate lc-1 so I could correctly tune the mixture. New M/c and ss brake lines. 08/15/2011 The past few days i did nothing other than electrical. What a pain in the a$$. I rebuilt all 4 corners and cleaned all grounds on the car. Replaced the Turn Signal Switch, all relays and fixed a minor oil leak that developed at the thermostat. Replaced all dash lights and signal lights with LED lights. I also have an LED third brake light to install. 08/01/2011 Well the engine is in and the fuel lines are hooked up. I'll be wiring the dual MSD units in the next day or so. 07/04/2011 I've been very busy with travel for work but have managed to get the Finned oil lines and refurbished oil tank installed in the past few weeks. I've also installed the TRE roll bar (beautifull quality and perfect fit). I think I should have the motor in within the week (god willing). Weather in Vancouver is way to beautiful not to get my girl on the road.I also just purchased Martinni livery for her so that will go on eventually. I think that will be a project for next month as I just really need to drive a Porshe again since I sold my 356 and RSR clone. 06/15/2011 Over the past couple of months I've finished the transaxle, completed the timing and made a mount for my dual MSD units and coils. Purchased a TRE Rollbar for tall drivers and I picked up Elephant Racing finned oil and high pass lines and plan to install those today. ;-) I'm going to be going with a simple trombone cooler in the front until I find a reasonable 18 row Brass cooler (aka euro cooler). My plan was to get this done and put the motor in buy the end of June but unfortunately I need to go away on business for 9 days so that will put my summer driving back even a bit further. 02/16/2011 The interior is 99.% done as is the exterior and boot of the car. The engine will be finished by the end of April. Can't wait to driver her. 07/20/2010 This past week I got most of the wiring cleaned and re-wrapped. I have the new fuse panels to install later this week. 07/14/2010 I installed the carpets and covered the A and B pillars out of Lamb Skin ;-) and the recovered (leather) dash. 07/07/2010 I picked up my girl today from the Body shop and brought it home to start the assembly process. 04/27/2010 I spent a few hours cleaning and stripping the dirt/oil grime off the Axles, CV Joints And Boots. 04/27/2010 I cleaned the heads today and spent a few hours polishing the ports. 04/26/2010 I saw my girl today for the first time in about 4 months with paint. I was excited to say the least. The 1st stage came out exactly as how I'd hoped. They are starting wet sanding Tuesday. 04/06/2010 Due to a trailer backing into my baby at the race track I decided to do a bare metal restoration. We stripped the car to bar metal with media blasting and expect to be rolling it out of the paint shop by May 1st. Additionally a huge list of NOS parts have been accumulated I'll list those when they make it onto the car. 03/01/2010 I received my Certificate of Authenticity today in the mail verifying that the car is number matching. This is something I already knew however as I have the original window sticker. Non the less I was excited to have it confirmed. 08/10/2007 It also should be noted that the transaxle was rebuilt within the past two years including the 'simple dif' fix as posted on Pelican.