1971 Porsche 911E Coupe

911 120 0232

Eric Holt
Northeast Pennsylvania USA
621 0334
Build Date:
Burgundy red #2424
The Story:
I have owned and maintained this car since 1978; it is truly a rust-free example of the early 911E. The original front suspension was changed to a traditional torsion bar/shock setup with stabilizer bars, and the car was lowered. I swapped the original 14-inch Fuchs for 6 x 15 Fuchs. Keeping the original, the steering wheel has been changed to a Momo Prototipo, and the original headlights have been converted to H1. Other than these modifications I maintain the car true to its original specifications. When I roll my foot into the throttle, this "E" truly does make all torque and horsepower as designed. With hands on the wheel and foot on the pedal, this car fits me like a glove. My recent maintenance includes restoration of the S-calipers, repairs to the CDI box, rebuilding the electric fuel pump, and sanding to flatten the stock upper valve covers. When warped, these magnesium covers will leak oil like crazy. My winter of 2016 project was to build an MFI fuel injector tester; my suspicions were confirmed. I found three injectors that were hurting. One restored to normal with ultrasonic cleaning, two were replaced. Now using an AEM digital fuel:air gauge I am able to truly monitor and adjust my full load, part load, and idle fuel mixtures. What a difference! This past Summer of 2017 I rebuilt the driver's door side window regulator. The aluminum pin snapped as they all eventually do. For the Winter of 2018 I am thinking about a Dansk sport muffler for that classic raspy sound...