1971 Porsche 911E Coupe

911 120 0036

Peter & Brita Douglas
Portland, OR
621 0091
Build Date:
Glacier Blue 326
The Story:
We bought this beautiful car from Dale Thero in 2006 during the Porsche Parade in Portland and are still going about restoring it. It is a real "keeper" that has only gotten better with age. A pair of anodized deep six hearts Fuchs are now at the front, and pair of 911R deep seven hearts at the rear along with 205/50-15 and 225/45-15 tires. The seats are re-upholstered and the original 2.2 MFI engine has been upgraded with turbo chain tensioners, turbo valve covers, SSI heat exchangers, and a Dansk sport muffler. Front and rear turn signal lenses are replaced with european style lenses. Handling is improved through ride height set to Euro standards, adjustable spring plates and adjustable Weltmiester sway bars front & rear, and new cross-drilled brake rotors all around. It is a joy to drive and there is nothing quite like the sound that a 2.0 or 2.2 MFI Porsche 911 makes.