1970 Porsche 911E Karmann Coupe

911 022 0563

Walter Mueller
620 0922
Build Date:
Irish Green
58,000 miles
The Story:
Purchased in March 2011, a restoration is nearing completion. As with some other Karmann 911's, this car has some differences from normal 1970 911's, namely a 3 bar engine grill, a trunk cowl cover that takes the strap loops to secure the carpeting rather than the normal snaps, and an aluminum license plate panel. Ed Mayo has written back to me stating that these types of variations are found, primarily because Porsche is a frugal company that will use its parts inventory from the shelf even though such parts may be from the previous year's model. Also, variations from the Karmann plant are greater than those from the Reuter plant. Since there is no evidence that the car suffered from an accident to explain random parts replacements and since the car has been in storage for about 30 years, the above parts are believed to be original to the car. I have made some perfromance and suspension enhancements to better enjoy this car. The hydroneumatic front suspension was eliminated before I got the car, and is fitted now with new front and rear Boge sport tuned Struts/Shocks. The front sway bar is now 19mm and a 19mm sway bar is on the rear suspension. After having owned and much enjoyed a 1966 911 with its Solex Cams and the wonderful gear ratios in the transmission, I decided to have my cams reground to the same grind and to have the same transmission gears to match, except for retaining the E 5th gear which has one more tooth for lower rpm cruising. Other engine changes include a 70.4mm crank, 87.5mm cylinders with pistons having a 9.5:1 compression ratio. Further performance is added with a modified stock muffler converted to a low restriction sport muffler with two 2 inch diameter outlets. Of course, the original mechanical fuel injection system was retained and sent out for complete refurbishing. Time certs were added to the heads to prevent stud pulling. In order to get better cornering, the original Fuchs wheels were set aside and replaced with five 6x15 refurbished deep heart Fuchs wheels with 205/60/15 H rated Yokomama tires.