1970 Porsche 911E Karmann Coupe

911 022 0482

Britt B
Durham, NC
620 0783
Build Date:
Light Ivory
The Story:
This fantastic car has been in my family since 1991, and after 5 years of use, followed by 7 years of storage and neglect, the car came back to life in 2003. Car came to me in 1991 with S front suspension (Alloy brakes, and through-the-body anti-roll bar) but still had the 14" Fuchs wheels. The car had 1 respray in ivory over the orginal paint some time prior to 1986 (the first year I have records for). Other than that the car was very original. It still has the dealer installed motorola radio, and still works. MFI is on the engine, and the carpets are worn. During the late 80s there was valvetrain work on the right side, and a transmission rebuild. The engine work was not very good, and lead to basically a repeat of all those repairs in late 2004. At that time I went to carrera chain tensioners, and a better oil pickup system to avoid starvation during track events. After a little off road incident in October of 2005 I decided to fix all the dents, rust, and repaint the whole car. I started in December of 2005 and 8 months later I drove the car home from the shop with only a few trim pieces left to install. You can read all about my bare-metal repaint on my website, complete with photos! I drive this car as often as I can, if it's sunny, I'm in it. Since I finished the repaint I've been showing the car in local Porsche club events, and everyone who sees it is impressed. 2016 update... the car has been living in Northern California for a while, and I've taken it to a DE at Laguna Seca, numerous spectator events at Laguna Seca, and lots of miles up and down the pacific coast! 2018 update... drove the car back to NC from CA, 3500 miles no interstates.