1970 Porsche 911E Karmann Coupe

911 022 0093

David Sass
Johannesburg, South Africa
620 0150
Build Date:
Signal orange (#1414)
130,000 m
The Story:
I am very lucky to be the proud owner of three magnificent Porsches: 911E 2.2 coupe; 911S 2.4 targa; and 993 C2 The early ones I keep in hot and dry Johannesburg while I explore Europe with the 993. Attached are pictures of the E coupe and S Targa taken at the Porsche Club of South Africa, Johannesburg region on 1 September 2002. The E placed first and the S third respectively in the Concours D'Etat for pre-'74 911s. I enjoyed the E and S on a daily basis until relocating to Europe in 2004. The 993 is now my daily driver and we enjoyed a great drive through France to Stuttgart for the 993 to receive a major service in September 2005. I relish my annual visits to SA to drive the E and S where they are looked after by a Porsche-trained specialist. Each one highlights how good the other is-perfect stablemates. Details of the 911E: *One family owned since I acquired her in 1997 with full S spec including aluminium engine lid and rear valence, anti-roll bars all around; 6" fuchs and alloy front brake calipers; * other features include leather Recaro sports driver's seat, normal passenger seat; Blaupaunt radio; built to German spec; non-sunroof; non-aircon and silver trim around wheelarches with aluminium grill to hide exhaust box; * I have covered 70,000m on daily commuting, weekend use and time-trialling with many laps completed around Kyalami circuit-excellent brakes with no fade despite lapping as quick as my old 2.2 S; * for pure driving enjoyment, nothing beats the 901 gearbox, open induction scream above 5000rpm and all round useability of the E. Still very fast and quicker than the 2.4 S until the S gets into stride from 5200 rpm onwards and upwards! I note that she was delivered to Hahn, Stuttgart in September 1969 and came to South Africa a year later. As such she is rust-free and still has the original handbook and toolkit.