1970 Porsche 911E Karmann Coupe

911 022 0078

Ron Keller
Camarillo, Ca
Build Date:
Irish Green/Tan(brown)
The Story:
I am the third owner of this all numbers matching car. The original owner (for the first 30 years!) is helping me to bring her back to original condition, with the help of pictures from when the car was new. It's great to know every detail of a car's history and to know that you are the caretaker of such a neat part of 911 history. The first two pictures show the car in it's current state shortly after I purchased it in September of 2010. The last three pictures are post-restoration. Update: 9/2012 Nearly completed bare metal restoration using beautiful Glasurit paint. This Original MFI 2.2 ltr. engine runs fantastic and is a joy to drive! What a fantastic car, really enjoying my ownership at last!