1970 Porsche 911E Karmann Coupe

911 022 0012

Brad Anderson
Seattle, WA
620 0046
Build Date:
Irish Green (1515)
190+, keeps going up
The Story:
Original, numbers-matching, non-sunroof coupe with 6x15 Fuchs, MFI, Blaupunkt radio, aluminum decklid, Leistritz muffler, owners manual, and S trim. Interior was originaly tan, similar to two page spread in 1970 911 brochure, but was changed to black at some point in history. Correct updates and period mods include euro H4 lights, turbo tie rod ends and valve covers, Koni adjustable sport shocks, carrera tensioners, Carello auxilliary lights, Momo Prototipo steering wheel, harness bar, and Corbeau GTA low-back buckets (Scheel style). Until recently, the car wore correct euro turn signal lenses on all four corners, but I have replaced them with reproduction R lenses. Hydro-pneumatic suspension was replaced with standard A-arms in '92 by previous owner, probably from a T (M calipers). Was wearing Yokohama AVS Intermediates, 195/60-15, on deep sixes, but now has 205/55 Bridgestone Pole Position S-03s on vintage Minilite Sports. R Gruppe #159 Photos: 1. Front view at Seattle's West Point lighthouse. Visible mods: R turn signals and H4 headlights. June, 2005. 2. Rear view at sunset. Visible mods: R taillights, harness bar, 'collector' license plate. June, 2005. 3. Sitting in the rain. Still original. November, 1999. 4. The day after I bought it, still wearing Oregon plates. August, 1999. 5. Front view in the foggy hills of central California during the 2001 R Gruppe Tour de Cambria meet. Visible mods: euro turn signals (looks goofy with US headlamps...) May, 2001 6 & 7. Current guise, Fall 2006. Recent additions include Carello auxilliary lamps; fog on passenger side, spot on the driver's. Aluminum 6.5x15 Minilite Sports. Bare aluminum license panel can't hide a M&K Sport muffler. Mt. St. Helens smokes in the distance. 8 & 9. June 2008. Kendall salute added, mostly finished with new induction, modified K&N bases mated to original lower pans, allowing enough room for MFI pump and throttle linkage. Interior in transition.