1970 Porsche 911E Targa

911 021 0590

William K Bergman
Brussels Belgium
620 1592
Build Date:
LY3F red; was tangerine 018
The Story:
Transmission # 911/01 710 7847, the original '901' Bought after my return from Vietnam, and my daily drive for decades, but absorbed a lot of salt in the Northeast and Europe. Restored in Belgium; I know every washer, bolt & nut. Still in Europe. Drives sweet on places like Spa-Franchorchamps and Nurburgring! Some changes from 'original:' 1974 - "E" struts > torsion bars w/ Koni all around 2002 - color from 'blutorange/tangerine' 018 [23 OC] to Y3F 'absolut rot'; 2002 - interior from black vinyl to tan leather throughout also: second oil cooler (RF fender) and second a/c condenser (LF fender),targa type third brake light [safety!]; stainless SSI heater boxes & Dansk exhaust; original "E" came with 14" Fuchs wheels, but tires get hard to locate, so changed to 15" ; front strut brace [some difference!]; MagBra. Now working to get A/C going again, with new, rotary compressor.