1970 Porsche 911E Targa

911 021 0039

Beverly Giffin-Frohm
San Diego
Build Date:
The Story:
This is in Concours condition. This is orginally a Euro car. This has been verified by then Vaesk Polak in So Cal and then Stoddards at the Porsche Parade in the Osarks. There are small differences in the cars made for the US maeket and the Euro market. I used to use my 911E for racing, rallying, tours etc until 1985, when the car went in for new paint. It bacame a much larger project, but most of the car is original. I now show the car and also drive it on tours and to the shows. We have driven it to many PCA Porsche Parades and still love to tour around town. It is a car that has been with me since 1976. I have put over 370,000 miles on her, so we have had quite a life together. The engine has only had a top rebuild and is still going strong. Runs a little rich, but that is Mechanical fuel injection.