1970 Porsche 911E Coupe

911 020 0746

Alex Lejeune / Gerard Lejeune
620 1735
Build Date:
Orange signal (1414L)
The Story:
I have never forgotten the 911 2.0 T my dad drove when i was 5. Nearly 25 years later, we have decided to own the original 911 again. I have found this beautifull orange signal 2.2E. The body is in very good condition as important work has been carried out in 1997. The interior is also very closed to the original. The car drives fantastic leaving me a smile every corners... such a time machine. the specs are as follow: -2.2E genuine engine (dynoed at 158hp) -901 gearbox, standard ratio -RSR struts and bilstein -S alloy break calipers In the near future, we are planning the following improvements: -replacement of the 16" wheels by a set of deep fuchs -refurbishement of the chassis (A- and rear arm bushings, ball joints, new bilstein shocks) -a rally period interior will be fitted (2 period race seats, RSR steering wheels, rear half bolted roll-cage). All the modifications have to be reversible without damage to the car.