1970 Porsche 911E Coupe

911 020 0454

Drew Brown
Danbury, CT
620 1396
Build Date:
Metallic Grey (orig 1111 light ivory)
The Story:
Delivered to First owner 4/28/70 by Wood Imports Inc , Detroit MI. Appears to have 60 thousand miles, No rust. Purchased it 10/10/05 from owner of 10 years who has run it as a very successful PCA/SCCA/NASA race car. Original 2.2 has been rebuilt to race specs as well as the chassis. Never wrecked and well set up. This car will remain in its full race status and have a light restoration over the winter, put on display and used for some track duty in the future. These early race cars are incredible, and anyone who has run one knows what IM talking about. Getting harder to find one these days, glad to have found this E so it can continue to entertain Porsche nuts everywhere. Thanks to Scott Hansen for putting this car together,it will be in good hands.