1970 Porsche 911E Coupe

911 020 0448

Eichin Martin
Switzerland the mountain country
620 8254
Build Date:
conda green
The Story:
Yes, an e-bay car! From Arizona! Now third hand! I had the car brought back to Europe in 2003. Car was in very good original condition and mechanically restored. The seller prepared the car for classic racing and replaced sportomatic. Back in Europe I converted the interior back to stock condition. New respray and interior update with original RS recaro sport leather seats. Engine dyno tested 178 HP/6410 U/min. and 216 Nm at 4980 U/min. continuously improving details but within the construction year. Car is now in "as good as it gets" condition! Lots of fun driving through the mountains and chasing motorbikes and other cars! First year 15'000 km, 2nd year 8'000 km. many pictures under http://www.elferclassics.ch/ the last picture was not taken while driving on Swiss highways or streets!!!!!!