1969 Porsche 911E Karmann Coupe

119 22 0921

Eric Harvey
Centennial, CO
630 1112
Build Date:
Irish Green (6806)
The Story:
I bought the E in June 2003 from the 3rd owner. The car was copper metallic with saddle brown interior. It had the typical rust in the rockers and passenger side fender. The front suspension has been changed to torsion bars with sway bars front and rear and Bilstein shocks. A 1970 2.2 911S(MFI) engine was installed in the early 70's by the first owner and was rebuilt 10,000 miles ago. It runs very strong. March 2005 Update: The body and paint have been completed. The body was stripped to bare metal and the rust was repaired with new sheetmetal. I returned the color to the original Irish Green, one of my favorite 911 colors. Also, I added a steel "S" spoiler and deep 6" Fuchs. Now I need to complete the reassembly. November 2005 Update: One step forward and two steps back! I removed the engine and transmission so new undercoating could be applied from bumper to bumper. Now the underneath side looks as good as the top! While the engine is out, I've stripped it down to a long block and am refinishing the engine sheetmetal, fan, shroud, etc. Also, I had the transmission rebuilt while it's out of the car. November 2006 Update: The car is very close to being finished! After the final polish, I'll add the emblems, engine decals, and grille. To complete the restoration, both front and rear suspension were removed, media blasted and repainted. All the suspension bushings were replaced along with new 22mm front and 28mm rear torsion bars. A 19mm front swaybar was added to complement the stock 15mm rear swaybar. The car was lowered, corner balanced and aligned. The weight with 1/2 tank of gas (less driver) is 2216 lb! The new suspension totally transformed the handling with a firm but not harsh ride. Overall, I could not be more pleased with how it turned out! March 2009 Update: Went out for a drive this afternoon. It always puts a smile on my face! I updated the steering wheel with a 390mm Nardi and added a'69 S tach. August 2010 Update: Showed the E at the Cerebral Palsy Concours here in Denver. It's the best Sports Car Show in the area with over 350 cars (Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, BMW, Corvette, etc.) in attendance. August 2015 Update: I never get tired of driving my E! Attended the local Cars and Coffee which attracts all types of cars. September 2016 Update: Went for a drive in the mountains which are the perfect roads for 911's!