1969 Porsche 911E Karmann Coupe

119 22 0880

J. Chad Plavan
Fresno, CA
629 8505
Build Date:
Porsche Royal Blue (L305)
Race car 2.5L ST motor
The Story:
I picked up this car complete, but in pieces in Jan 2002. It had been sitting in a guys garage neglected since 1995. It was apart and collecting serious dust. I bought it for $1500 :) . It was a Sportomatic model. I was looking for another race car candidate, and I found a great example. I started in January 2002 stripping down the whole car. I removed all the interior and body panels. It had very minimal rust (surface) and it was all removed with a sand blaster. I converted it to a 901 5 speed. The original color was Pastel Yellow but I did a complete inside/outside repaint after the car was sandblasted to L305 (Porsche Royal Blue). I feel this is more of a race car color. I had an 8 point cage welded in with DOM tubing, Fuel cell, new suspension (because it still had the original hydropneumatics.... lol ) front and rear sway bars, rebuilt and painted alloy "S" calipers, plus tons of other new pieces. I also attached Fiberglass everywhere (fenders, hood, etc) I'll include my current expenditure sheet that list all the parts I had to buy (I hate looking at it). This was a great project. Update- It does 1:34-1:35's at Willow Springs. It will get lower. It weighs 1856 pounds with 3 gallons of gas!