1969 Porsche 911E Karmann Coupe

119 22 0874

Jerry Haussler
s.f. bay area / east bay
Build Date:
originally bahama yellow
The Story:
About 2 ½ years ago I was in the driveway tinkering on my ’66 912. Out of the blue a guy walks up and says “nice car”. I thanked him and then he says “I have an old 911 I might be selling” OH??!! We exchanged contact info & agreed to discuss the issue later. Getting our schedules to line up was a challenge. First I went to see the car, but it was a while before a test drive. We couldn’t agree on where to take it for a PPI and ultimately that step was skipped. Other than a bad whine on decel in first and needing brake hoses she seemed mechanically sound. In 20 years under his ownership he put less than 11,000 on the clock and she was garaged the entire time. He’s not a car guy. It was a trophy. 7 months later I finally took delivery. I was in no hurry having labored under the false impression that 911 engines were high-maintenance. He admitted that along the way he was trying to GIVE the damn thing to one of his kids. I guess there is a God after all ;-) I babied her for several months before swapping in a good transmission… not as big of an ordeal as I had originally feared. I changed out the fake 7’s w/ 205’s for deep 6’s and 195 Yokos. Next to go were those *ugly* BMW mirrors. Finally I found a nice stock leather steering wheel and sold the MOMO Prototipo. She had a fabric dash cover (that went to a next swap meet) sheep skin seat covers (that met the same fate) and MOPAR floor mats (that didn’t make it any farther than the nearest trash can). I found some door panels that weren’t cut for speakers and a decent set of map pockets. The pic was taken before cleaning up the paint. More recently she’s gotten a nice set of H-1’s and a good ‘orange bar’ hood crest. Several maintenance items along the way; throttle drag link, shift lever bushings, alternator… the usual. Carpets and seats are still ratty and the dash is cracked. She’s nothing to write home about, just a good “honest” driver. I think I’ll keep her around for a while. After 25 years of 4-cylinder bliss I could be a convert ;-)