1969 Porsche 911E Karmann Coupe

119 22 0453

Ken Haynes Jr
Denver, CO
629 1130
Build Date:
Polo Red
The Story:
I am second owner. I just bought it from my brother-in-law, RAdm (USN-Ret) Eugene Farrell, a personal friend of the Porsche family, having met Dr. Porsche in 1956, while being the Naval Attache to King Carlos in Madrid, when his buddy, an aide to the king, took Gene to Stuttgart to meet the Porsche's and buy a new Spyder, as his buddy had done. Gene subsequently owned a '63 356 and then this car. Too bad he did not keep them all, eh? You know that 356 went away for a couple thousand or less. Coincidentally, I taught myself how to drive stealing Dad's '64 356 Super 90 before I had a permit or anything. No License, no insurance, no permission, no brains. He was in the South China Sea and Mom was playing bridge with the NAVY wives every third Thursday from 5 to midnight. Cruising Sunset Strip in a red machine. This 911 E was a daily driver it's entire life (up until about a month ago), garaged entire life, all maintenance records from certified Porsche shops. I have the original invoice and purchase records. Nothing to 1974 and then extensive restorative records from the factory when Gene took the car to Germany for a PCA convention at the Nurburgring. While there, Dr. Porsche ordered a cosmetic make-over with about 60,000 miles on the car. At this time, Dr. Porsche also authorized the fabrication and installation of operational vent wing windows. Gene tells the story. " Ferry asked me if I wanted anything special done to the car while it was on the factory floor. Yes, opening vent wings. Ferry said the car was designed for fixed vent wings. I told him my wife smokes and I really need them. Approved." The car has not been smoked in since 1976. The maintenance and repair records from 1974 to 1982 are non-existent, but from 1982 to present, they are extensive. The original owner's manual and accompanying literature are all in tact. Original paint is remarkable. I have been detailing this car every time I visited since 2005. Original interior is unremarkable, shows wear and tear of a daily driver. Gene says two engine rebuilds and two transmission rebuilds.