1969 Porsche 911E Karmann Coupe

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John Luetjen
Westford, MA
629 8103
Build Date:
Tangerine (Blutorange 6809) (orig. 6851-L)
The Story:
My '69 E is a european model which has had too many alterations to make it particularly valuable, which explained the $6000 purchase price. About the only thing that is original is the tub which is remarkably rust and rattle free. In spite of the original Sportomatic spec I've been told that the original owner rallied it -- which would explain how the floor panels got pushed in. Since then the car is like the proveribal old axe: The handle has been replaced 6 times and the blade 4 times, but it's still my old axe! It is a daily driver during dry days in the warm 8 months of the year. For those people interested in the details, here is a list of what's been changed on the car.

  • Boge front struts have been replaced with Fox's and torsen bars.
  • The car has the original "S" calipers
  • It has 4 6x15 inch ATS cookie cutters.
  • The Master Brake Cylinder has been replaced with duel master set-up with a balance bar adjuster (let me know if you intend to do this, I can help you avoid some dead-ends.)
  • The car has a 10000 RPM tach
  • The radio is gone -- but then I prefer to listen to the engine anyhow ;-)
  • The Sportomatic has been replaced with a 901/07 5-speed transaxle
  • The sound pad has been removed. The car weighs about 2200 pounds now.
  • The pistons have been replaced with S's.
  • The distributor has been updated to a Crane optical set-up.
  • The ignition has been replaced with an MSD system. This made a big difference in the idle and drivability below 3000 RPM.
  • The rear suspension has been updated to alloy trailing arms from a '76. (Let me know if you intend to try this one, it was also a learning experience!).
    This resulted in the half-shafts and CV's being updated to '76 spec as well as the shocks updated to '76 Boge's.
  • An S model air dam and a fiberglass duck-tail.
  • A brand new bare metal repaint to Blutorange.