1969 Porsche 911E Targa

119 21 0428

Charlie Czech
Seattle, WA
629 1118
Build Date:
Bahama Yellow (97-6805-G)
The Story:
I am her fourth owner and I found her in July 2001 at which time she had been sitting out of commission for about one year. I was told at the time of purchase that she was originally purchased in Germany by an Air Force Captain, who attached an American flag emblem to the engine lid below the "911E" script. I liked his addition at the time of purchase, now after September 11, it will definitely remain there! He brought her to Tacoma, where she was sold to another Air Force Captain who eventually buried her below boxes and debris in his garage. The owner before me saw the car buried in the garage and after some length of time, persuaded him to sell her. He enjoyed the car for about one year until "something happened" and he parked her in his yard. He eventually decided to sell her to someone who would bring her back to life, and after meeting me through an Internet ad, she was bound for a new home.

After towing her home, I found that the #6 connecting rod had parted ways with the crank due to a spun bearing (which had now welded itself to the crank ... ouch!!), broke 5 rocker arms and stripped half the teeth off the right timing chain sprocket.

She is now on the road with a "loaner" engine from my 1974 911 Carrera Targa. It feels incredible to be behind the wheel again of a real performance car and I walk into the office everyday with a grin on my face!

She has a couple of accessories, including a rear wiper, deep six rims and cut-out grills for driving lights. When I was getting the car registered, I had to reach the previous owner for a signature and he said it was a wierd coincidence that two weeks prior to my call he found the original driving light brackets, horn brackets and the original driving lights in a drawer in the garage! He gave them to me without any conditions and they now are installed. The car looks great with the driving lights and fog lights and they work extremely well. Below is an early shot of the car before installing the driving lights - I will post an updated photo soon.