1969 Porsche 911E Coupe

119 20 0439

Robert L. McClelland
Lexington, Kentucky
629 0818
Build Date:
Metallic Dark Red 6854-L
Over 100,000
The Story:
This car was rescued from a salvage yard in Nevada in 2002 by one Tom Walsh who lived in Idaho. It was in baskets but basically rust free. Brian Cunningham purchased it from Tom and brought it to Kentucky. I convinced Brian to let me have the car in 2007 and have been steadily bringing her back as a nice driver. I have not been able to trace any prior history. Found a 1971 ticket stub from a Drive In in Loveland, Colorado under one of the seat rails while installing carpet, but Colorado has no registration history. I share it with my brother in Michigan, trading off our 356c when we want a change of ride. I have the COA and it is numbers matching. This car was invited to represent the year 1969 at PCA Parade 60th anniversary display of one car for each year of PCA. New paint (still original Metallic Dark Red) and new seat covers with black and white Porsche fabric inserts. Fuel injection pump and throttle bodies restored last year. Driven 2000 miles to attend each Rennsport V and VI corrals.