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1973 Porsche 911E (Targa)
Chassis #: 911 321 0688

OwnerChris Barker
LocationWanaka, S Island, New Zeland
Engine #-
Build date-
ColorGuards Red
CommentsOrigonally a Hong Kong Car, must be one of the 1st RHD's Targa's built ( anyone have any info on RHD chassis number start numbers?) Had it about 5 years now, and am bringing it back into origonal spec - it had been "updated" in the 70's with black targa bar and Fuch's, mirrors, etc.

Has a 2.7 engine (with 2.4 block) but i'm now looking for a 2.4E (or S) to replace it with...Anyone out there have one?

Posted a couple of Pics of the roads down here - good and winding over the passes, and you see 10 cars an hour...

cheers to all