1973 Porsche 911E Coupe

911 320 0586

Rick Guerrero
Dana Point, CA
623 0904
Build Date:
The Story:
I SOLD THIS CAR ON APRIL 27, 2011. I have owned the car since april '01. so far, I've replaced the oil return tubes, heat exchangers, valve covers, front bearings/races & seals, and done normal maintenance (tune ups, oil changes, brake work, MFI adjustments, etc.). I occasionally race the car so I installed a momo steering wheel, short shift kit, robotek shift gate, roll bar, and a driver's side race seat. I removed the original interior and replaced it with a carrera carpet kit. I do not plan to make any more modifications to the vehicle. I am storing all the interior pieces I removed so I can bring it back to its stock configuration when/if I stop taking it to the track. I have enjoyed owning, driving, and working on this car. almost everytime I drive it, someone pulls up next to me and compliments the car.