1973 Porsche 911E Coupe

911 320 0078

Jeffrey Smith
623 0136
Build Date:
Original Sepia
The Story:
Coupe originally sepia brown. I personally restored the car to its current condition over the last six years. When I bought the car it was just a good old car with rust and accident damage. I have obviously turned the car into a hot rod of sorts but wanted to keep it appearing period correct, very understated and tasteful looking. Currently the car is running an M64-20 European 3.8 liter varioram. These engines are different from a 3.6 in not only size but, RSR valves, sport hydo cams, RSR pistions, larger ports, and magnesium varioram plenum. Currently the engine makes 324.6 dyno HP and 289.9 torque at 5200. The gearbox is an alloy 915 with a factory special ratio gears and limited slip. The interior is a 100% exact duplicate of the 73RSR interior down to the last detail. The brakes are large Brembos stuffed under later model 16" wheels finished in a RSR finish. The rear of the car is finished off with a custom exhaust I built using racing flowmaster mufflers. The body has RS carrera flares, factory one piece rear bumper, alloy decklid, standard spoiler front end, fixed rear quarter glass with early trim (lightweight RS), no engine or trunk undercoating, and no deco trim. The color is signal red, a color that was no longer offered after 1965. If you look carfully the engine grill badge is in a reverse pattern with a conservative "3.7" all part of a great effort to understate the car, the stock 3.8 was 3,746cc.