1972 Porsche 911E Coupe

911 220 0522

Jim Johnston
Knoxville, Tennessee
622 0780
Build Date:
Albert Blue
The Story:
This is an E with nine lives - maybe more. Im the ninth owner and have tracked down and talked all but one of the previous owners. The car was purchased in Durham, NC by a couple that grew quite involved in the Porsche hobby - she later became the national president of the Porsche Club of America. They installed a Momo steering wheel, Webber carbs, close ratio gears, and later model Recaro seats. After two years, they sold the car to a fellow from Colorado. He put the original gears back in but didn't keep it all that long before selling it to a friend. This third owner kept it until 1990. The fourth owner was from the Seattle area and owned the car for three years. In the interest of using it for some track days, he made further performance oriented changes, including installing wider wheels, turbo tie rod ends, a front chassis stabilizer bar, and lowering the car. The fifth and sixth owners were women, also from the Seattle area, and they used the car for more routine purposes. However, one had a brother who ran a Porsche repair shop, and he rebuilt the engine. The husband of the other was the service manager at a high-end collector car dealership, and he did some autocross and track days and repainted the nose. The seventh owner still in Seattle owned the car from 2000 to 2006 and he sold it with about 100K miles on the odometer. The eighth owner (in Texas this time) had the car only a few months before selling it to a California specialty dealer. This dealer reinstalled correct seats, as well as the original steering wheel and Fuchs alloys, and then sold it at an RM auction in 2007. The winning bidder handed it back to the dealer for an engine rebuild, including reinstalling an MFI system and overhauling the AC system, before adding it to his sizable collection in Mississippi. Finally, it passed to a well-known California restoration company, and they recently completed a sympathetic restoration, which included lots of odds and ends, not to mention recovering the seats in leather. I purchased the car from them. Just as a one owner car can be pretty tired, a car with this many owners can still be mostly original and in great shape as this one is. Its original equipment included a five-speed transmission, 6x15 alloy wheels, Koni shocks, front and rear stabilizer bars, retractable antenna and speaker, factory air conditioning, and the appearance group. An early owner installed a steel S front bumper/air dam and upgraded to the 1973 shifter. It has a front oil cooler, and somewhere along the way, it got a dealer installed radio, H1 headlights, and a correct driving light switch, which will now be put to use with the new TTG Hella 118s I just bought. Except for some paintwork, the car is still mostly original, including (except for the seats) the interior. Albert blue (named after then Prince Albert of Belgium, who specified this color when he bought a 911 in the early 1970s) is a great color, especially with the tan interior. The car performs like new and is now starting yet another life, this time in the mountains of East Tennessee.