1972 Porsche 911E Coupe

911 220 0326

K. Van Hoof
Antwerp - Belgium
622 1757
Build Date:
original silver - now blue - white after resto
The Story:
This car is an original Belgian 911E coupe. I bought it being a semi dismantled resto project (gearbox out, no engine, windows out, half of the interior missing and worst of all : rebuild to impact bumper 1974 model) so missing lots of the original bodyparts as a consequence. For me this was an ideal base for what I intend to do with the car : build a track car, style RS lightweight, though without ducktail and without front RS bumper. Actually you could call this a "1973 RS prototype replica", especially since its a 1972 car, with the oilfiller-cap on the right side. At this point - 2 months after purchase - I have dismantled the car completely, except for the suspension. I bought a correct 1972 E engine, have a 1972-73 911S metal front bumper (with spoiler), a pair of front fenders and a correct fronthood. Even found (used) a pair of correct metal RS rear fenders to fit 8J fuchs in the back. Will start bodywork this winter and hope to get the car painted by end of 2007 (wishfull thinking I'm afraid). No pictures available to post here yet. Regards Kristof