1971 Porsche 911E Coupe

911 120 0025

Linda and Dave Yerzley
Burbank, CA
621 0041
Build Date:
Tangerine (2323)
The Story:
This car's engine was rebuilt by Andial some time ago and has 80mm pistons/cylinders, with a displacement of 2.5L, with lapped and ported heads. Compression ratio is about 9.5:1. I'd estimate it at about 180 HP. It has a 5-speed 901 transmission. The front suspension has been converted to torsion bars with front and rear stabilizer bars. Otherwise, it's stock. It's a wonderful car to drive, nimble and fast. I use 205/60 - 15 Yokohama ES-100 tires on the street and Kumho Victoracers on 15x7 cookie cutter wheels on the track. Cosmetically it's good enough so that we don't feel embarassed driving it to the office, but not concours, so that if we hit some cones with it we won't lose sleep over it. As you can see, a previous owner redid the trim in black, except for the lettering on the rear deck lid, which is the original gold. The interior is quite clean for a car this age. We have a pair of the original Recaro sport seats in it. Mechanically it's in excellent condition. I think we are the 5th owners of this car, having bought it recently to use for autocross (PCA). I've (Dave) been driving 911s for over 30 years. We are also the original owners of a '72 911T targa, a '97 993 coupe and a 2002 Boxster S. We also have a '73 911S coupe.