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1970 Porsche 911E (Karmann Coupe)
Chassis #: 911 022 0587

OwnerScott Kinder
LocationFremont, CA
Engine #620 0937
Build date12/69
ColorAlbert Blue (1818 L)
Mileage98k (?)
CommentsMy car started life as a 1970 911E Karmann non-sunroof coupé. It appeared to have no accidents ever, though the car had a relatively hard life out in the Arizona desert.

The car was very tired - 6 layers of paint, burned up rubber and interior from being in the sun, and mechanically needed a refresh.

I purchased the car (disassembled) as a present to myself for my 18th Birthday. Still haven't driven it and I'm almost 26! Good things come to those who wait, right?

I originally decided to restore the car, but ultimately wanted to end up with a more capable trackday car than a stock car.

The slippery slope evolved...

Now I have decided to rebuild the car as a 1973 Carrera RSR replica. It has received handmade fender flairs to recreate the original RSR appearance, as well as a fiberglass hood and bumpers that visually match the original '73RSR's. The classic "ducktail" was also sourced (as a replica fiberglass part) and bonded onto an original steel decklid, as the factory did them (at least for all the non-M471 versions, which used aluminum lids generally).

The original color - Albert Blue - will be retained. It should be painted in its glorious Glasurit hue this summer (2013).

Many neat original parts have been sourced, including H1 headlights, a 914/6 Leather steering wheel, special gauges from a 917 and so on.

The gearbox is a GT2-spec. G50 2WD gearbox originally from a 993 Turbo. It has been fully rebuilt with Motorsports components, proper gear ratios ("SC/RS standard" is a close approximation), and a GT3 variable-ramp 40/65 LSD.

The engine - will be special.

The suspension includes 24/34mm torsion bars, Ohlins dampers all-'round, and 930 Turbo brakes.

Oil cooling, ducting, hoses, clamps, and many myriad small details have been carefully thought out from looking at 1960s-1970s Porsche racing pictures of all cars, from the original 911R to the 908, 917 and 935s.

Stay tuned, it's a fun ride!