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1970 Porsche 911E (Karmann Coupe)
Chassis #: 911 022 0536

OwnerRobert Walter
Engine #613 4246
Build date-
ColorSignal Orange
Comments8/07 Recently was intrusted with the car by the widow of a family friend. Car has been in storage for the last five years. I will update the website a much as possible once I get the car running.

9/07 Discover car has 1973 CIS Motor

11/07 Car enters the shop to prepare to run again after five years of storage

1/08 Good news!! The car is now running. I recently took it to a reputable shop and had the following done:

New Alternator and regulator
Adjustment of cold start equipment
New tires
New batteries
New fuel pump
New fuel lines in the engine compartment
Valve adjustment
Adjustment of idle
Inspection of the entire car from top to bottom

After all that and lots of $ the car runs well.