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1970 Porsche 911E (Karmann Coupe)
Chassis #: 911 022 0224

OwnerGeorge Jewett
LocationN Calif
Engine #620 0367
Build date10/69
ColorTangerine / 23
CommentsI know most of the ownership history though I would appreciate it if anyone can fill in the blank from '85 to '14.

Thank you!

December 24, 1969: Sold by Carlson Porsche/Audi - Jim Mitchell,
San Francisco, CA.

November 1970 to January 1985: Tom Milligan, Mountain View, CA (moved to Reno, NV in February 1974).

January 1985 to September 2014: _____________, Reno, NV (sold by Sport Haus Reno to Exact 10, Pleasanton, CA)

March 2015 to present: George Jewett, San Francisco, CA