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1970 Porsche 911E (Karmann Coupe)
Chassis #: 911 022 0126

OwnerGreg Limber
Engine #-
Build date-
ColorSignal Orange
CommentsHave had car for 35+ years. originally a Sportomatic
I have the original engine block for the car.
Converted to a FrankenPorsche 35+ years ago

Now my hotrod Frankenbody and all.

930 brakes
Elephant sphericals all around
sway bars
9 and 10x 17" Braid wheels
Wevo shifter
2.8 race motor with 46 mm webers
915 gearbox

1st pic as it sat in the barn for 35+ years
2nd pic new suspension, new tail, new nose, waiting on wheel
3rd pic with 17" Braids