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1970 Porsche 911E (Targa)
Chassis #: 911 021 0034

OwnerJames F
Engine #-
Build date-
ColorBahia Red
CommentsI am the 2nd owner haveing purchased this car from Niello Porsche Audi in 1974.

The previous owner was a pharmacist in Yuba City Ca.

I was a young man of 20 at that time,and had just gotten married to my wife.

There were several times that we thought about selling her for financial reasons but somehow always managed to be able to keep her.

She currently sits in my shop awaiting her turn for a restoration after being covered and stored in 1989.I was offered 15K for her in 1991,which I seriously thought about.
But I am glad that we still have her,not to mention the slight rise in value since then....

I will submit some photos in the near future.