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1970 Porsche 911E (Coupe)
Chassis #: 911 020 0527

OwnerPat Furr
LocationAlbuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Engine #620 1449
Build date-
ColorBahia Red
CommentsI am active with the Road Runner Region of the PCA and enjoy autocross. I am slowly getting the car closer to original condition, or at least in the right direction. It is a rust free South West original that will not be chopped into an RS tribute. I have added oil fed tensioners and other very minor mods, but for the most part the car looks and is close to stock minus the hydropneumatic front end. The 2.2 and Gearbox just went through a total rebuild with PMCI (Russ Kelso) in Corrales, NM. For those of you thinking about a rebuild, make sure you are totally dedicated to the preservation of these great cars. It is certainly an investment given the price increase in parts and machine work. But once the bill is paid and the engine and gearbox sweeten up, you know you made the right choice. Car is back after minor body work and respray to original 1313 Bahia Red. Kirk Maurer did the paint and body and every job of his that I have seen ends up looking fantastic as did this one. Next up is refurbish the 15" Fuchsto clear anodized with black trim and probably the exhaust system is next after that. Looking to head up to "Tour de Colorado" next year.