1969 Porsche 911E Coupe

119 20 0842

Scott Marshall
Peachtree City, Ga
629 2034
Build Date:
Burgundy (6808-G)
The Story:
This was/is my first 911 one and I am very impressed with the quality build and solid handling. This car spent a portion of it's time on the US east coast and another portion in Arizona and California. It had one other owner for most of it's history and a second previous owner for a short time. It is almost completely original except for repaint to hood and engine decklid. Sports seats are fitted. The engine is very strong and has not been rebuilt, although Carrera tensioners are fitted, as well as later valve covers. Through the body roll bars, Koni shocks, and alloy front calipers are fitted. There is no rust whatesover on the car, either trunk or engine or underbody. There are complete original tools with the car. The car is detailed throughout. The car represented the year 1969 at the 40 year 911 celebration at Rennsport Reunion II.