1969 Porsche 911E Coupe

119 20 0571

Tim Phillips
Huntington NY
Build Date:
Black over Metallic Green
The Story:
I purchased the car in March of 2000 and have performed many maintenance tasks to get it into daily driver status, even though my usage isn't super regular. The most rewarding projects have been the shocks, throwout bearing (and clutch) where it was fun to drop the engine in my little garage, and the "cold start" richness button that I added, but found when I was removing the remnants of the dealer add-on A/C which didn't work for the previous owner. The next big projects are an engine rebuild, and a paint job. I blow some smoke after downshifts and under heavy acceleration. And the engine seems a little tired with low compression on number 6 and the leaks. It would be great to get new heat exchangers along with many other things, but I'll have to dig myself out of my "house poor" situation a little before that all happens (unless I were to sell my boat which isn't likely to happen). I would love a sun roof, but I know the odds of finding one at a junkyard are slim to none and people say that I shouldn't hack up the roof, but I don't usually care too much about what other people think, so I may hit that sometime in the future.