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1969 Porsche 911E (Coupe)
Chassis #: 119 20 0564

OwnerNeil Baylis
Engine #629 8359
Build date-
ColorDark Red Metallic (020)
CommentsI bought this car in July from an 84 yr old who decided the time was right for him to pass it on. He had driven 100 miles a year for the previous 10 years ! Other than the original hydropneumatic struts being replaced by conventional torsion bars everything else is in totally stock condition. It has the sportomatic gearbox.

The car is now stripped to a bare shell and will be sent to a bodyshop in Jan 2010 for 4 new wings, inner and outer sills, inner wing repairs, new floor edge, door repairs, new bumpers, all new seals etc. While the car is away I am replacing or refurbishing all the suspension and brake parts.

Gearbox and engine to be stripped down and all worn parts replaced.

Hopefully by late 2010 there will be a picture of a perfect 911E on this page ! I daren't work out what it is costing me but I am satisfied that it will be worth it for such a great car.